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About TravJouS!

Being a frequent business traveler, I was always trying to find out an easy way to check-in to my flight anytime, anywhere. Especially when you travel abroad, its not always possible to find a PC and a printer to check-in and get your boarding pass. Nowadays the Airlines even charge! you, if you have not checked-in on-line before you arrive at the Airport!! Today the Airlines have introduced the mobile boarding pass or they offer bar-coded boarding passes for web check-in. So instead of having several airline apps why not put them into one app and this is what I did.  As this solution that I created for my personal use worked well, I thought "Why not share it with all  World Travelers? That is how TravJouS was born.  TravJouS stands for Travel Journey Support, to support all World Travelers with easy check-in to their flights globally! TravJouS main goal is to support the World Travelers with a complete solution. From the time traveller makes a booking up until the travelers gets home.  Have a look at our Promo on YouTube: Promo Check-In Companion it had already 60.000 views!

CUSS Kiosk

It took a long while that the CUSS Kiosk was born!

Today most Airports have implemented expensive Common Use Serlf Service Kiosks or Dedicated Self Service Kiosks for their travelers. This is of couse a very positive development for the travlers. Airports are now eve go to the next level of offering Self Service baggage drop off.

But the challange is still to process the traveler faster and more hassel free and get them to the retail shops at Airrside. Most travelers are Checking-In online to make it for them even easier. This is also encurecing by the Airlines, because if you have not Check-In before you arrive at the Airports some Airlines will even charge you $10 to $25. More and more travelers are now using several Apps from the Airlines to easy Check-In. If you are a frequest flyer you end up with 20+ different App for each Airline. This is where the Check-In Companion comes inplace!

CUSS Kiosk

The Check-In Companion for the Smart Phones!

As already methionet in our introduction there must be a better way of Checking-In online where ever you are. The iPhone Check-In Companion World Pro is the Common Use Self Service Kiosk in the palm of you hands. It supports Check-In with more than 200+ Airlines Worldwide. Currently the Check-In Companion World Pro has processed 52.000 Check-In's in just a couple of Months. The Application is being used in more than 100+ Countries globally by the World Traveler. The feedback from the users are very positive and the rating at this moment average 4-5 stars. In all reseaches and publications the World Traveler is always connected and want to use more mobile Check-In posibilitiies from Airline Check-In to mobile boarding passes for Trains, Hotels, Car Rentals. Based on the success of the Check-In Companion World Pro Apps, it would be logical for Airport to promote this app to their travelers. It is a win-win situation. The Airport can offer a better service and lower their cost by reducing the number of Check-In Kiosks freeing up expensive floor space, lower the cost in operational support of CUSS or Dedicated kiosks and also reduce the cost for the Airlines. 

CUSS Kiosk

Can TravJouS Develop a Check-In Companion kiosk for your Airport?

Of course we can develop a cutomized Application for the Airport or integrate it into your exhisting Applications for the iOS or Android platform. If you as an Airport let us develop the Application for you, we can taylor made your Application specific to your needs, The advantage is that when your Travelers are using your Application you can gather temendous statistical information about the usage of the Application by your users. You will have indepth knowledge about your Travelers at your Airport for further analisys. The Application can provide you with so much information that its a little bit difficult to explain it indetail in this short newsletter. But just talk to us you have nothing to lose it will be a win-win situation for all stake holders. So why not send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we are more than happy to talk to you and work out a project plan to develop you next generation travel support app!



Press Release




iPhone & ANDROID Airline Flight Check-In Apps!

—iPhone & Android The No. 1 Travel App “Airline Flight Check-In World ” now available in the Stores—


Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October  23rd, 2013— Independent Developer Team TravJouS announced today that Airline Flight Check-In App's  iOS™ and Android™ Travel App “Airline Flight Check-In World ” has been released through iTunes Store™ and Google Play™.


Airline Flight Check-In is a Travel App for the World Travellers.  The Airline Flight Check-In World supports the World Traveller with easy check-in for their Flights, Hotels and Car Rentals.


Features of Airline Flight Check-In World:

·   Check-In to flights for more than 200+ Airlines Worldwide.

·   User friendly Regional selection of the Airlines.

·   Major Airlines selection.

·   Low Cost Airlines selection.

·   The only App to support the Alliances like One World, Sky Team and Star Alliance.

·   Favorites Selection.

·   Easy storage and retrieval of the boarding passes for offline use.

·   The World Traveller has the Check-In kiosk in the palm of his hand.

·   No more downloading and installing different Apps for each Airline. Just one App for all

   your Check-In’s.

·   Airports.

·   Airport Terminal Maps. 

·   Currency Exhange.

·   Travel News.

·   Travel Support.


·   The Airline Flight Check-In is already being used by the World Traveller in 193 Countries

   and is growing fast.

·   To date it has supported the World Traveller with 150.000 check-in’s, saving the World

   Traveller additional charges from the Airlines for checking in at the Airport.

·   For the Airports it will save them huge costs for installing Self Service kiosks.

·   Airports can offer the app to their passengers to make Check-In easy.

·   Airlines will save huge costs in passenger processing at the Airport.

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About TravJouS

TravJouS is a new Travel Journey Support Company focusing on future travel experience and was founded by the world traveller Ton Oosterwijk

Apple, Android and Google Play are trademarks of Apple and Google, Inc.  The names of other companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. 


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