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Air France-KLM has now developed their version of a permanent bag tag for travelers.  It is called eTag with its tracking device called eTrack.  eTrack has been developed by the airline alongside FastTrack Company, Samsonite and Dutch telecom company KPN with significant input also coming from Delta Air Lines.

As "Track and Trace" was a number one demand among passengers, AirFrance-KLM wanted to design a product that will benefit the industry and the passengers.   Why would a passenger buy a permanent tag that can only be used on one airline so their idea was to create a product that can be used by a passenger flying with Air France, KLM, Delta, Lufthansa or another airline, for instance.  Also having held focus groups with travelers, it was clear that the size of the permanent bag tag was important and while the prototype FTE previewed was relatively compact, the final product will be even smaller. 

How does it work?

The eTag is an electronic baggage label that includes two e-ink displays and that attaches to the outside of the suitcase.  The eTrack device is placed inside the luggage. 

eTrack makes use of GSM, GPS and Bluetooth technology, which enables it to be tracked by a smartphone, while eTag also utilises Bluetooth. Passengers with a Flying Blue account can link the eTag and eTrack devices to their account, so when they check-in online, the permanent bag tag will be automatically updated within just five seconds.

The tag communicates with the outside world via the eTrack device, and directly with smartphones using Bluetooth but the two products can also be used independently.

In addition, a limited edition suitcase – the Samsonite Track & Trace, which includes embedded eTag and eTrack devices – has been revealed.



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