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EasyJet to Close All Airport Check-In Desks

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EasyJet Close Check-In Desks

6764 Easyjet To Close All Airport Check In Desks Content EasyJet To Close All Airport Check In Desks

In an attempt to get passengers to check in online, EasyJet are to close all their airport check-in desks. From April 30, bag-drop desks will instead replace these desks, for fliers wanting to travel with checked luggage.

Passengers will still be able to check in at the airport without charge if they forget to do so online, but the airline hopes that eventually the facility will be phased out so it will only be used in “exceptional circumstances.”

EasyJet aren’t the first airline to abolish check-in desks. Budget rival Ryanair closed theirs in 2009, but they are harsh with those who do not print their boarding pass or check in online, with a £70 fine per person. However, over 500,000 Facebook users backed Ryanair passenger Suzy McLeod after she was charged the then fee of £240 at Alicante airport for forgetting to print four boarding passes. In his typical confrontational manner, Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary branded Ms McLeod “an idiot.”

EasyJet Close Check-In Desks

A “transition period”, unspecified in length, would give passengers time to adjust to the new policy, according to an EasyJet spokesman. However, he added that the airline had no plans to introduce a fee similar to Ryanair’s if they don’t check-in online or print their boarding passes.

The spokesman said the airline tries to be more “customer-friendly” than their rival, and hopes that passengers will nevertheless choose to check-in online without being threatened with penal charges.

“EasyJet is always looking to make travel easier and more affordable. Online check in has proved popular with passengers, for whom it saves time queuing at the airport, and has helped easyJet keep its costs, and therefore its fares, low.”

He added that the majority of travellers, at 80 percent, already choose to check-in online, so they hope the remainder will follow suit. The closure is intended to make the airport journey quicker for everyone, he said.

A customer information campaign will be launched accordingly to demonstrate the ease of checking in online. Passengers with EasyJet can check-in online up to 30 days before they travel. Existing rules permit fliers with one piece of hand luggage measuring 56 x 45 x 25 cm or less.

Customers are charged £25 if they wish to carry one piece of baggage in the hold.


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