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Us*****Nov 13, 2012 by

Nicolas Hoyos 

Very nice - Very

easy to use and nicely designed,

I like it a lot and use it frequently,


Us***** Nov 13, 2012 by


good - it is really fast to read the

flights, simple and easy, and save

much time to google.

it can also tell you the airline

delayed, so you can avoid some

issue. but, if it costs 2.99 to buy,

it should be more information.

Us ***** Nov 9, 2012 by


Love it - Helpful and

useful. Convenient also! Love

it and never waste my every

cents ! Support out guys :D

Us ***** Nov 9, 2012 by


Good - This application

helps me a lot when I travel abroad,

it solves a lot of problems for me.

I like it very much.

Us ***** Nov 14, 2012 by

yan Frantz

Cool app - Nice app for

someone who frequently travels

by airlines.

User Reviews

Us ***** Nov 9, 2012 by 
Useful - This app is very useful
and convenient. I love it so much
and never waste my money.smiley
Us ***** Nov 9, 2012 by 
Great app! - A great app for check
in with 210 Airlines famous globally.
Function support for app search fast
and easy to using and effective.
in addition app help me save time
and save money for check- on my
fly while i at work.
The menu of app is convenient for
every one to using.

Us ***** Nov 14, 2012 by


great for travel -

I wish I could travel around the world

with this applicationit's so handy

Us***** Nov 13, 2012 by


Seems Useful - I don't

travel a lot but on my next trip it

will help a lot!


User Reviews

Us***** Nov 12, 2012 by 


Great app - I love this app. It is

incredible convenient and contains a

bunch of useful information. I also love

that it is very easy to use. This app is

a must have for travelers to

foreign countries.

Us***** Nov 12, 2012 by 


Good - This app is pretty good that

a lot of info and easy to use! A must

have if you like travelling.

Us ***** Nov 9, 2012 by 

Gabriel Gao

Good app - Providing a more

easy way to check in. It is so nice.

I love to travel with it.

Us ***** Nov 9, 2012 by 


Very effective.. - GUI is simple.

Took a moment to find my

airline and fill in the info.

Looking forward to the trip!

Us ***** Nov 9, 2012 by 


Awesome - Nice app for frequent

traveller. Check-in right away at

airport with Check-in Companion,

your trusted companion for

boarding pass

User Reviews

Us***** Nov 12, 2012 by 


Love it - I used it when I went to

the UK and never get trouble that

I can know the airline delayed or not.

Good and Helpful!

Love it and a must have!

Us***** Nov 12, 2012 by 


GOOD - Well! It is helpful a lot and

also useful! I went to Asaia twice

with this app and I knew about

the airline delayed.

Us***** Nov 12, 2012 by 


I want to go to Asia - more great

if there was more associated with

Asian countries

Us***** Nov 12, 2012 by 


great for travel - Get your Mobile

Boarding Pass on the iPhone now

with only one application. It's

fast, easy and quick!Here

is what I need


Us***** Nov 10, 2012 by 


Great - A must have for frequent flyer!


User Reviews

Us***** Nov 11, 2012 by


Useful - First, I think this app is

useful, convenient and easy to use

that it helps us to check the airline.

We can know that Has it delayed

or not. And I went to Asia with this app.

It provides lots of info and really helpful.

At last,I think this app can be more

expensive that cost to 3.99

because it gives us lots of useful


Us***** Nov 11, 2012 by


Very handy -

This will be a useful and very handy

app when I plan to go and travel.

I think I'll be needing this soon.

Us***** Nov 11, 2012 by


good app - it's quite useful to me.

i travel a lot on business, this app

really help me manage my time. 

so convenient

Us***** Nov 11, 2012 by 


price - this is a good application for

the travel but I found it slightly

expensive price

Us***** Nov 11, 2012 by


check in companion world pro -

I have used this application but do

not have time to arrange a tourI will

use it when I need it but I found it

quite handy and does not take

time to organize a trip



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All the ins and outs of the Airline Flight Check-In App

User Rating: Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star / 4

All the ins and outs of the Airline Flight Check-In App's

IMG 2893

Maybe it is not clear to many what you all can do with TravJouS Airline Flight Check-In App's.  First we like to make it clear that this APP is not just like the other Check-in Apps available where you only can via your smart phone Check-In for your flight. What this App offers is much more.

In this article we will explain all the possibilities this App gives you.

When starting up the App You will get a Sync-Check-In data pop-up.  You will be asked if you want to update the Check-In Data.  If you choose YES the latest Check-in Data will be downloaded.  Please do this on a regular basis because the Data is changing all the time.   

After the data is downloaded, you will then be in the Welcome screen.  There are 3 options:  Home Base Airlines, Categories, Travel Support.

Home Base Airlines: By selecting this you will see a map of the world to select your Region of the Airline you are flying with.  The Regions are North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Middle-East and Australia.  In all these regions you will find the majority of the airlines that fly in that area. If we stumble upon a new airline we add this to the correct region right away (this is one reason why data sync-check needs to be done on a regular basis). To date we count for 210+ Airlines.

When you select the correct Region and correct Airline you come directly in the mobile/web check-in section.  Just fill in your data to check-in and often retrieve your boarding pass. To get a full demonstration see our DEMO VIDEO (just released recently) at (also available within the App).

Categories:  There is another way to select your Airline and that is through the Category button.  There is a selection of Major Airlines, Low Cost Airlines, One World, Sky Team and Star Alliance (the later three options are unique.  Our App is the only App that features these options). Again select the correct Category and Airline and then follow the steps to check-in and often retrieve your boarding pass.

However there is more within the Category option and this is where this App goes further than just check-in.  In this section you can also find the Car Rental and Hotel Check-in. 

It even gives you the option of Travel Info.  Travel info provides you with the Latest Travel News; City Guides; Flight Status; Find and book cheap flights hotels vacations and rental cars; Information on airplane seating; Trip Advise and Travel Planner.If you lose your luggage there is even a possibility to trace it by selecting Find My Bag.

We also provide you with various aviation videos including our own Promo and Demo video.

Last in this Category (just included this month) Airports.  Not all airports are available just yet but we are doing our best to update this whenever possible.  At the moment there are almost 30 airport mobile sites available.

Travel Support:  Herein you can find Check My Trip: Airline Charges, Virtually There; TravJouS website; Trip Advise and Travel Planner; A search engine to check for cheap flights and also just added this month Currency Exchange.

The above describes our most extensive App.However if you fly only in one specific region there are Apps available for your specific region.  These are Airline Flight Check-In Americas, Airline Flight Check-In Asia Pacific, Airline Flight Check-In Europe and Airline Flight Check-In Middle East & Africa.

Further if you have any recommendations or suggestions we are always keen what you have to say.

As you can read Airline Flight Check-in World is not just any Check-In App.  It is your COMPANION  to assist you from A to B wherever you may be and going in the World.

Please note: The Airline Flight Check-In version is identical to the Airline Flight Check-In World but it includes Advertisements!

“Check it out before you Check-in”


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